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Asymmetrically Sunken Continents :iconthe1smjb:the1smjb 0 1
The Grand Imperial Subterranean Theater, chapter 1
Chapter 1
When the drow built a road, they built a fucking road, Zheremi Shieldman thought. First, you dug a trench where the road will go down, then you fill the bottom of the trench with large rocks, then you cover that with a layer of smaller rocks, pebbles, and cement, then you cover that with a layer of cement and broken pottery, and only after all that do you lay down the paving stones, which have to be cut so that they fit together perfectly. It was easy to see where they were going, too, as they were digging up an existing gravel road to make the new one. Thus went the eternal dance in this region, the drow replacing gravel roads with paved ones when it was in the hands of the Empire of Ilir, the humans tearing up paved roads and replacing them with gravel when the region was in the hands of the Kingdom of Lanakas, perhaps out of spite but more likely because denying the drow access into their territory was more important than the value of the paved roads themselves, w
:iconthe1smjb:the1smjb 0 0
TABP s 0135 - Security :iconthe1smjb:the1smjb 0 0 TABP s 0134 - Speak of the Devil (so to Speak) :iconthe1smjb:the1smjb 0 0 TABP s 0133 - A Difference of Opinion :iconthe1smjb:the1smjb 0 0 TABP s 0132 - Comforting Thought :iconthe1smjb:the1smjb 1 0 TABP n 0017 - A Joke I Didn't Use :iconthe1smjb:the1smjb 2 0
Suffering in Silence
Recently I attended an estate sale at a manor; for legal reasons, I can't disclose where. One of the most interesting features of the manor was the existence of a panic room on the third floor which had heavily reinforced walls, floor, and ceiling; I had no idea this was popular when this mansion was built! (Later research showed that it was not.) During the course of the event, I bought a handsome writing desk and learned that the manor itself was for sale, and rather cheap at that. I figured I could easily make the asking price back in under a year by converting the place into apartments, but I'm not an idiot: there had to be some reason it was so cheap. I did some research, and while I didn't find a termite infestation or anything of that sort, I learned that the manor, while scrupulously maintained, hadn't been inhabited since...well, I probably shouldn't disclose that, either. Then I unlocked the writing desk and found these documents:
As I write this, the Floor is l
:iconthe1smjb:the1smjb 1 2
TABP s 0131 - Firm :iconthe1smjb:the1smjb 0 0 TABP s 0130 - Alpha Males and Other Things :iconthe1smjb:the1smjb 0 0
Mature content
TABP s 0129 - Because It Amuses Him :iconthe1smjb:the1smjb 0 1
TABP s 0128 - Barking Up the Wrong Tree :iconthe1smjb:the1smjb 0 0 TABP s 0127 - It's Seriously not that Big a D :iconthe1smjb:the1smjb 0 0 TABP s 0126 - How to Be (Better than) a Player :iconthe1smjb:the1smjb 1 0 TABP s 0125 - Plot Thread: Murdered :iconthe1smjb:the1smjb 0 0 TABP s 0124 - Kinsey :iconthe1smjb:the1smjb 0 0


Extreme Sexual Dimorphs :iconrob-powell:rob-powell 709 46 BONK! (Gravity Falls Comic) :iconpurplepassion3:PurplePassion3 263 40 Don't be itchy man :iconseagerdy:SeaGerdy 208 6 Dork :iconhardlyquinn:HardlyQuinn 136 6 Wipper :iconhardlyquinn:HardlyQuinn 127 11 Wendy Smiles :iconaurorafolf:AuroraFolf 149 8 Mother's day :iconmarkmak:markmak 1,912 419 Sleepy head :iconmarkmak:markmak 940 85 Sitting and Swooning :iconk-el-amrani:K-El-Amrani 144 9 Somebody to Love? :iconk-el-amrani:K-El-Amrani 124 30 Go Go Dipper :iconnyarths3:nyarths3 159 26 Wedding kiss :iconsteggmatt:Steggmatt 214 90 Kiss :iconmarkmak:markmak 1,362 283 The Wedding :iconmarkmak:markmak 2,320 374 Thanks :iconmarkmak:markmak 2,814 573 The day before summer :iconmarkmak:markmak 2,813 247


Just looked at my page for the first time in forever, and all my slays and whatnot have been moved off my featured page. WTF?

Speaking of slays, gots me some old rainslays I forgot to post...several months ago. A year? Who knows? Too lazy to check.

Also speaking of slays, I've figured out how to get text to stay within the bubble in open office--though for some reason it means that it's no longer capable of being aligned in any way but from the top down--so I suppose I'm out of excuses for not making new slays.

That's the thing about depression, though; once the lethargy gets you, it doesn't want to let go.


United States


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